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Choosing the simple life: OUR NEW OFF GRID LIFESTYLE

Choosing the simple life: OUR NEW OFF GRID LIFESTYLE. This year our family bought 140 acres of land at Woodside, the northern end of the New England tablelands, in New South Wales just below the Queensland border.

Essential oils V’s Fragrance oils

When Willow’s Wonder was launched, we were aiming for an eco-friendly, cruelty free product that was kind to the skin and as natural as possible and we think we have done that rather well! We recently received a custom order for 30 soaps for… Continue Reading “Essential oils V’s Fragrance oils”

Zen and the art of soaping.

Hi fellow Wonderers! Sorry for the delay with the updates but I was extremely busy and possibly over- committed to a number of different volunteer positions I had. I have now stepped down from those, leaving me with a bit more time to focus… Continue Reading “Zen and the art of soaping.”

This Christmas I gave you my heart ❣

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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