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Caught up in memories of my daughter, Willow.

I was feeling so excited about my partner and I turning our spare room from a guest room into a ‘Willow’s Wonder office/ workshop’ last weekend that it didn’t really even dawn on me until after all the activity had died down that this… Continue Reading “Caught up in memories of my daughter, Willow.”

Please don’t leave a plastic footprint on mother earth.

Eight million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans every year, killing and harming marine life. Apparently plastic particles have recently been found inside our shellfish and even in our rain! Its a scary thought that we might be causing irreversible damage to… Continue Reading “Please don’t leave a plastic footprint on mother earth.”

Why you should use handmade soap instead of store bought.

I bet the store bought soap that you are using has some of the following ingredients (go on, check!); Sodium lauroyl Isethionate (synthetic detergent) Palmitate and Sodium Palm Kernelate (made from Palm Oil or Palm Kernel Oil) Sodium Tallowate (rendered from animal fat) Cocomidopropyl… Continue Reading “Why you should use handmade soap instead of store bought.”

The Cure!

This blog post is all about The Cure! Not the Robert Smith kind (that my goth high school friends adored) but the soaping kind of cure. Why do we need to wait for soap to cure before using it? Well, one reason that we… Continue Reading “The Cure!”

I want to talk to you about Willow

Not Willow our daughter, who was stillborn at full term three years ago, the inspiration for me starting this business. Not now, I will talk to you about her another time. This time I want to focus on talking to you about a different… Continue Reading “I want to talk to you about Willow”

Zen and the art of soaping.

Hi fellow Wonderers! Sorry for the delay with the updates but I was extremely busy and possibly over- committed to a number of different volunteer positions I had. I have now stepped down from those, leaving me with a bit more time to focus… Continue Reading “Zen and the art of soaping.”

What is jojoba oil and what is it good for?

When I started creating skin care formulations, I wanted to perfect the skin care range for aging and sun damaged skin, but also combat hormonal eruptions and blemishes at the same time (this is no easy task because what is good for aging skin… Continue Reading “What is jojoba oil and what is it good for?”

Welcome to Willow’s Wonder!

An exciting update in the world of Willow’s Wonder! As you know, I have been running my business over the past 12 months selling arbonne products which is a beautiful swiss skin care range full of soothing botanicals. I attended alot of training and… Continue Reading “Welcome to Willow’s Wonder!”

This Christmas I gave you my heart ❣

This is the excerpt for your very first post.