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An exciting update in the world of Willow’s Wonder! As you know, I have been running my business over the past 12 months selling arbonne products which is a beautiful swiss skin care range full of soothing botanicals. I attended alot of training and workshops during this time and got a great education about skin and overall health which has been wonderful.

I will remain an Arbonne consultant and will continue using some of the products myself as they truly are amazing. However, the marketing rules can be a bit restrictive and after all the education I have received, I have embarked on the epic adventure of creating my own natural formulations in my own artisan skin care lab (homemade 🙂.

I have pored over hundreds of books and articles on natural skin and hair care into the wee hours 😴😴😴neglecting all my other duties (don’t worry mum, my son is still alive).

I’m excited to announce that my own skin and hair care range will be launching in the next few weeks and is currently in the testing phase – if you would like a sample to try (to provide me with feedback) please let me know. I will post some sneak peeks soon.

I have launched a separate FB business page for this https://www.facebook.com/Willowswonder/ and it would be really lovely if you would join me there. I will be posting alot of polls to get some opinions on how to make my customers happy so it will be really helpful for me if you join in (no, you won’t have to buy anything). I hope life is treating you kind. 💜💜💜


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